Repost. Sober and Sold-Out: Dance Club In Sweden Cuts Booze, Packs House.

One of my ultimate joys in this world is being on the cutting edge of something. Whether it's a new indie band no one has heard of or some random exotic vegetable that makes your teeth shiny or some new app that brings Philz to your door (WHY haven't they invented this), if it's hip and new and on the brink and not Google Glass, I want it.

And this is exactly how I feel about sobriety. In my opinion, the choice of sober is avant-garde.

This article, Sober And Sold-Out: Dance Club In Sweden Cuts Booze For A Night, is just one more piece in the masterpiece I see coming to fruition: a world where we drop our autopilot. A world where we look within for our confidence and our wildness. A world where we remember the hippest parties and dance until we drop from our pure and vital life force. A world without substance abuse and addiction by choice. A world worth leaving to our future generations.


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5 Things I'm afraid to admit.

It's funny the things that we are afraid to admit.

I have no problem telling people about my sex life (or lack thereof), my poop habits, my deepest insecurities. Let's talk about how much  coffee and pastry I consume, how much I struggle with not ending every sentence with the word fuck, or how terrified I am every day I sit down to work on Hip Sobriety. I have this eye fungus from my mascara that won't go away. Sometimes I'm too lazy to brush my teeth. I still text ex-boyfriends and tell them I miss snuggling with them. I look at my ass in mirrors way too much.  I don't have health insurance.

I shamelessly and unapologetically admit all. Weellll, mostly all. Okay fine. All except for how I really feel about addiction, sobriety, recovery, relapse, AA, stigmatization, 12 steps, that I fiercely reject the label addict...

So you know, all. All except the risky things. All except the reasons I started Hip Sobriety in the first place. 


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