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July San Francisco Bridge Club

  • Moksha Life Center 405 Sansome Street San Francisco, CA, 94111 United States (map)

Join us for this month's Bridge Club! Please make sure and read all of these words before committing!

We're thrilled to be piloting IRL events with our incredible community. For now, we'll be hosting a once-monthly event in San Francisco, NYC, Portland, and Kansas City. 

Each event is crafted in a way: (1) to make sure that all who come are seen and spoken to, (2) so connections are made, and (3) so that we are each left stronger by knowing each other a little bit more intimately. 

We'll be serving light snacks and fizzy water.

There is only room for 30 people total at these first few events and it is first come basis. Please make sure if you RSVP you are able to make it, and if you need to cancel that you give us 24 hours notice (i.e., please don't come down with a case of introversion the night of the event and skip out - because space is so limited, if you don't make it, it means someone else didn't, either). 


1. If you want to bring a friend, please do! Just ask them to RSVP through this landing page. 

2. We are JUST starting this out and we have very limited resources, and we are being intentional AF. Please don't chat about this in any Hip Sobriety forums until we are able to serve more than just three communities. We will be hiring a community director in the spring/summer, and be spreading the joy and the love, in the meantime we are a very small shop and we are only starting with three areas, once monthly.

3. We believe that being in community is the future and we are starting before we are ready to build it. We'd love to have you along for that ride.

All events will be free indefinitely. 


Holly + Team

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